Quick Answer: What is the new tie card in Spain?

What is the difference between NIE and tie?

The digits that make up the NIE never change. … On the other hand, the TIE (Foreigner Identity Card) is focused on staying in Spain for a specified period and only serves to prove the stay of EU citizens.

Do I need the new tie card in Spain?

Do I need to get a TIE? For UK citizens who have registered as residents in Spain and are already in possession of a green A4 residency certificate or a small green residency card, the TIE card is optional. … After July 6th 2020, any UK citizen registering for residence in Spain will be issued this biometric TIE card.

How do I get a tie card in Spain?

You can apply for a permanent TIE as soon as you reach 5 years total legal residence in Spain. You do not have to wait until the original card has expired. If you apply for the TIE and have been resident in Spain for more than 5 years, you will be issued with a permanent TIE, valid for 10 years.

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What is the new Spanish tie?

The new card is called the Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero or TIE and anyone registering their residency in Spain will now be issued with this new card rather than the current green paper document. There is no difference in the rights it endows but it will be a biometric card with photo.

Do I need to change my NIE for a tie?

“While you may choose to change your current certificate for a TIE at some point in the future, there’s no requirement to do so,” British Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott clarified.

What is NIE tie?

Non-EU nationals have to obtain a student-type card called a TIE (tarjeta de identidad de extranjero) once entering Spanish territory, a residence permit for studies, which will indicate your foreigner identification number, called a NIE (número de identidad de extranjero).

How long is Spanish tie card valid for?

If you apply for the TIE and have been resident in Spain for less than five years, you will be issued with a temporary TIE, valid for five years. If you apply for the TIE and have been resident in Spain for more than five years, you will be issued with a permanent TIE, which is valid for 10 years.

How long does a Spanish tie card last?

Holders of a green temporary registration certificate with less than five years of residency will receive a TIE valid for five years, whereas holders of a permanent residency certificate will get a TIE valid for ten years, meaning that you have nothing to lose by making your TIE application sooner rather than later.

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What documents do I need to renew my Spanish residencia?

Passport or valid ID and valid. If expired, copy of the renewal application. document proving payment of the fee for issuing the certificate.

How much is a tie card in Spain?

In order to apply for your initial residency card (you have just arrived in Spain), roots procedures and student visas, the price is € 15.75. The fee to be paid for long-term residency and long-term EU permits is € 21.44. In the case of the card as a family member of an EU citizen, the price is just € 12.00.

What documents do I need for tie in Spain?

The final step in obtaining your TIE will be to get an appointment through the Spanish online system (Sede Electrónica) and present a completed Model EX-23 form, your original Passport, your Padrón certificate, a recent Passport size photograph of yourself and the proof of payment of the fee 790 code 012.

What documents do I need for my tie?

What documents do you need to bring on the day of the appointment?

  • Your Identity Card or passport, which must be the original one and valid on that date.
  • In case you designate a legal representative to pick it up for you, power of attorney.