Quick Answer: How late can you buy alcohol in Madrid?

What time can you buy alcohol in shops in Spain?

As long as you’re over 18, you can buy beer, cider, wine, and spirits at supermarkets and grocery stores in Spain. It is also only legal for stores to sell alcohol up to 22:00, so don’t leave your purchases too late if you’re planning a party.

Can you drink alcohol in public in Madrid?

Madrid has introduced a law which prohibits drinking in public. Furthermore, shops aren’t allowed to sell alcohol after 22:00. … The reasons for the introduction of this law are the particular noise and vandalism reductions on public places, streets and parks.

What time can you buy alcohol until in Barcelona?

Thus, alcohol can legally be purchased twenty-four hours long. But the black zone is generally between the closing of the bars at 03.00 and the opening of the first shops and bakeries at 06.00. This is when the beer sellers come in to play and laws start to get bent.

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What is the drinking age in Spain 2021?

Drinking in Spain

The minimum buying and drinking age in Spain is 18, which is fairly young compared to the rest of the world.

Do they check ID in Spain?

The law in Spain says that everyone must be able to show a national identity card or passport to police or the Guardia Civil if asked by these authorities. The Spanish always carry their national identity card (Documento National de Identidad, also called DNI).

Do they ID you in Spain?

Everyone in Spain must carry government issued ID at all times, regardless of whether we are Spanish, an EU national, or a foreigner living or holidaying in the country. … Most officers of the law will let you off with a stern verbal warning if you don’t have your ID on you, but this is not a requirement on their part.

Is it illegal to drink alcohol in public in Spain?

Spain. Public drinking is only prohibited in some cities or parts of cities, regulated by local laws like in Barcelona.

Can you drink on the streets in Spain?

The Spanish government is to ban drinking of alcohol in the street and the sale of alcoholic drinks to people aged under 18. … The custom is popular because alcoholic drinks in Spain are cheaper than in many other EU countries and because the climate is warmer than in many parts of Europe.

Can you drink alcohol in Retiro Park Madrid?

All kind of alcohol is forbidden in Madrid’s streets. You can be fined, although usually the police only warn you (if you go on, then you get the fine). over a year ago.

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What time do off Licences close in Spain?

However, one area where Spain is similar to Ireland is in the hours people can purchase alcohol from supermarkets and off licences. Supermarkets are only allowed to sell alcohol up to 10pm.

Can you drink alcohol on the street in Barcelona?

It is forbidden to drink on the streets of the Barcelona, although t there are many street beer sellers everywhere and people buy their 1 euro beer, which might seem like a good deal but if the police pick you up drinking in a public place you can be fined.

Can you drink alcohol on the beach in Barcelona?

The beach is also considered a public place, and as nice as it is to drink beer in the sun, it is not allowed, unless you go to a beach bar and consume the drink at one of the tables there. That said, people do do it and get away with it, but being a party of 16, you will attract attention!