Question: When did Spain get rid of Franco?

Why did they move Franco’s body?

Last August, despite objections from his family and the right-wing People’s and Citizens parties, the government approved the exhumation. It wanted to find a more low-key burial place where the dictator’s followers would find it harder to pay tribute.

When did the Spanish transition end?

At its latest, the Transition is said to have ended with the first peaceful transfer of executive power, after the victory of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) in the 1982 general election.

When was the Spanish monarchy restored?

The Spanish Constitution of 1978 re-established a constitutional monarchy as the form of government for Spain after the end of the Francoist regime and the restoration of democracy by Adolfo Suárez in 1975.

Where is Franco’s body now?

What happened in Spain after Franco’s death?

With the death of Franco on 20 November 1975, Juan Carlos became the King of Spain. He initiated the country’s subsequent transition to democracy, ending with Spain becoming a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament and autonomous devolved governments.

When did Franco die on General Hospital?

Franco (General Hospital)

First appearance November 19, 2009
Last appearance March 11, 2021
Created by Robert Guza, Jr., James Franco and John Carter
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps (2009) Frank Valentini (2013)
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