Question: What does the Spanish word suavecito mean?

What is Suavecito in Spanish mean?

See below. Explanation: Suavecito means literally: Tenderly, gently, kindly, softly, delicately, smoothly, etc. In a song it can be anything you like.

How do you spell suavecito?

Suavecito” is a Cuban son written by Ignacio Piñeiro and first recorded by his Septeto Nacional in 1929. It is a standard of the son repertoire and one of the biggest hits by the Septeto Nacional.

What does Shori mean in Spanish?

The words “short” and “shorts” can be used interchangeably in Spanish to refer to a single pair of shorts. short( shohr.

What does the Spanish word more mean?

more. –he/she dwells. ,you dwell.

What is the meaning of Malo?

bad; wicked, naughty; cheap, poor (quality); harmful; unwell.

Does Chulo mean pimp?

Chulo means “pimp” as a noun BUT, you can also use it as an adjective, which means cute or cool.

What does Cheverote mean?

Cheverote is American Spanish for “really cool; fine.”

What is the meaning of shouri?

The name Sheri is primarily a female name of American origin that means Darling. form of Cherie.

What is a shorty urban dictionary?

Or in urban dictionary terms, “a fine ass woman, or your girl.” But if you’re hip hop-inclined, you know that shorty has multiple meanings, used to refer to a woman, kid, or man (one new to drugs, gang life, or rap). Check it: WU-TANG, C.R.E.A.M: “LIFE AS A SHORTY SHOULDN’T BE SO ROUGH” (SHORT·Y | NOUN: A KID)

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What is no bueno?

No bueno is a Spanish phrase that means “no good” or “not good.” However, while this expression uses Spanish words, it is an American phrase. … If this phrase is used with a native Spanish speaker, they will know that the person speaking does not speak Spanish.