Is train travel cheap in Spain?

Are trains cheap in Spain?

Typically there are three types of train ticket in Spain: Básico, Elige and Prémium. … Básico is the cheapest type of ticket you can buy, for both Standard and First Class, with Prémium being the most expensive. Despite this, the earlier you book in advance, the cheaper the train ticket will be.

Is public transport expensive in Spain?

In Spain, public transport by bus is operated locally, which means that bus fares vary from city to city. In general, a single ticket costs around €1.40 to €1.60, though some cities (such as Barcelona) charge over €2 for a ticket.

How far in advance should I buy train tickets in Spain?

In theory, tickets should go on sale 60 days ahead for all trains other than AVE trains which should open 90 days ahead.

Are trains expensive in Spain?

Round-trip train tickets in Spain are about 20 percent cheaper than two one-way fares. Advance-purchase discounts for expensive AVE trains are available about 60 days ahead. … Consider skipping the train: Buses tend to be cheaper than trains, and are sometimes also faster and/or more frequent for certain connections.

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Does Trainline work in Spain?

Welcome to our guide on trains in Spain! … We’re a trusted partner of Renfe, Spain’s national train operating company, meaning every ticket bought on Trainline will always be valid for travel. We connect directly to their ticketing system – so it’s as if you’re buying tickets direct from Renfe.

How do you get around the train in Spain?

Travelling by train

The best way to travel long distances in Spain is to book the high-speed train or AVE (Alta Velocidad) which run between most major cities. A train ride from Barcelona to Madrid covers some 500km (311 miles) in just 2hrs 40 minutes, while a train from Madrid to Seville takes around the same time.

How much does it cost to ride the train in Spain?

How much does it cost to ride the train in Spain? Most seat reservations cost $10–20 in second class; first-class reservations can cost $35 for trips that include a meal. Even kids young enough to travel for free (under age 4) need a (free) reservation to ride Spanish trains.

How do you get around Spain without a car?

Train travel in Spain is a great way to get around. Often times the train stations are not directly in the city center so you may have to take a taxi or bus to your final accommodation’s destination. I found more often than not, the stations were 10-15 minutes away by car to where I was headed.