Is there a Spanish version of LOL?

Do Spanish say LOL?

Texting Hacks: How Do I Say “lol” in Spanish? Many Latinos simply use the English term lol because of its sheer popularity. If you want to laugh in Spanish, you could write jaja (the j is pronounced like an h in English).

How do you speak LOL in Spanish?

lol (laughing out loud) [abbreviation]

reírse a carcajadas [ex.]

How do you text laugh in Spanish?

In spanish, j is pronounced like the English h, so “jajaja” is the direct analog of the English “hahaha.”

What does JK mean in Spanish?

Just kidding se traduciría cómo “solo estoy jugando/bromeando” o “solo juego/bromeo” pero no tiene un slang o abreviación. See a translation. 0 likes.

What are some slang words in Spanish?

The 10 Best Slang Expressions In Spanish

  1. Mucha mierda. Meaning: break a leg. …
  2. Ponerse las pilas. Meaning: get cracking; put one’s skates on. …
  3. Hablar por los codos. Meaning: to be a chatterbox. …
  4. Estar piripi. Meaning: to be tipsy. …
  5. Echar una mano. …
  6. Dejar plantado / dar plantón. …
  7. En un abrir y cerrar de ojos. …
  8. Llueve sobre mojado.

What does XD mean Spanish?

It is an emoticon meaning he is laughing so hysterically that his eyes are closed. posted by 003487d6.

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How do you type laughing?

You can go shorter, for less amusement (ha, aha, heh), or longer, for greater amusement (hahahaha, bahaha, ahaha). You can also vary the consonant (bahaha, gahaha) or the vowel (heh, hehe, heehee). Typos, like ahha or hahahaah, may indicate you’re laughing too hard to type properly. Caps, as ever, for emphasis.

How do you express laughter in writing?

The most common way to write laughter in English is “haha”. If we want to express more of a giggle, then we can write “hehe” as well. These are examples of onomatopoeia and are different than the acronyms LOL (laughing/laugh out loud) or ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing).

What does LMAO mean in Spanish?

LMAO expr. (informal) partiéndome el culo de risa expr.