Is it safe to stay in Barcelona?

What is the safest area in Barcelona to stay?

The safest areas are L’Eixample and Gràcia. The least safe are El Raval and the Gothic Quarter. This does not mean that you shouldn’t stay in El Raval or the Gothic Quarter. In fact, they are both vibrant hoods with some of the city’s top nightlife and restaurants.

Where should you not stay in Barcelona?

The most dangerous districts of Barcelona

  • Raval. …
  • Park Güell. …
  • La Mina, Sant Adrià de Besòs. …
  • Rambla de Raval Boulevard.

What should I be careful in Barcelona?

10 quick Barcelona safety tips

  • Don’t carry your wallet in a back pocket.
  • Don’t put phones, cameras on table at cafes.
  • Wear your backpack on the front in touristy areas.
  • Always keep bags closed and on your lap at cafes/coffee bars.
  • Be wary of any strangers approaching you or touching you.

What is considered rude in Barcelona?

Those who expect waiters to speak perfect English and don’t even bother with a ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ or ‘the bill please’ in Spanish are just plain rude.

Is it safe in Barcelona right now?

Despite the crowds, tourists, pickpockets, demonstrations – whatever – Barcelona is safe. Honestly! So many tourists visit this city each year and though they’re part of the problem, that shouldn’t stop you from going. All you’ll to do is treat Barcelona like any other city.

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What are the Covid restrictions in Barcelona?

No maximum number of people per table, and no minimum distance between tables, either indoors or in outdoor dining areas. Mandatory use of face masks when not eating or drinking. Ventilation of spaces must be ensured.

Is Barcelona or Madrid safer?

Both are actually very safe cities. But both have pickpockets. Same as any major touristy destination in Europe. As said above, Barcelona receives more tourists, and some areas can get very crowded.

Where should I stay in Barcelona for the first time?

The best area to stay in Barcelona for first time visitors is Barrio Gotico (the Gothic Quarter). This is the historical and geographical heart of the city and one of the best places to stay in Barcelona if you want to be close to all the important landmarks, attractions and activities – not to mention the tapas bars!

Is Poble Nou safe?

El Poblenou is Barcelona’s hipster neighbourhood. And like anything or anyone bearing this title, it’s aesthetically perplexing and questionably fashionable but undoubtedly harmless. We don’t want to sound cliché but the area’s development over the years has given us no choice.