Is it cold in Barcelona in April?

Is April a good time to go to Barcelona?


If you don’t mind skipping the beach or bringing along a coat, this is a good time to visit if you’re looking for a bargain trip to Barcelona. Average temperatures in January and February feature highs in the high 50s and lows in the low 40s and high 30s.

Is it warm in Barcelona in April?

Is Barcelona Warm In April? The average daytime temperatures are around 17°C the average minimum temperatures tend to drop down to 8°C. Barcelona starts to get busy from this month onward due to its sunny weather. An average of eight hours of sunshine can be expected in April.

Can you sunbathe in Barcelona in April?

In April you really have to pack as if you were going for a year! By this I mean that you might be lucky and spend your entire stay sunbathing. … So it’s best to bring waterproofs, a fleece jacket, a jumper, shorts, sunglasses, flip-flops, shoes a hat and factor 30 suntan cream.

What is Barcelona like April?

The average high in April is just over 19 ºC (66 ºF), though you’ll want something to wear in the evenings, which get down to around 13 ºC (55 ºF). The chances of getting a few showers in April are a bit higher than in the rest of the year, with an average of around 8 rainy days during the month.

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What is the weather like in Barcelona in mid April?

For most of April, temperatures in Barcelona average between 53 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit (11 to 20 degrees Celsius). … Rain is common early in the month, and in total, Barcelona usually sees an average of about five rainy days and 2.5 inches of rainfall throughout April.

What clothes to wear in Barcelona in April?

April is the start of spring in Barcelona. The weather can vary quite a bit. In April it can be cold, windy and rainy – or it can be sunny and hot dry. In April we recommend you pack some summer gear like shorts and t-shirts and maybe sandals but you should only wear this in the mid-day sun.

How warm is it in Spain in April?

Spain Weather in April

Average High Average Low
Madrid 66 F (19 C) 44 F (7 C)
Barcelona 65 F (18 C) 50 F (10 C)
Seville 75 F (24 C) 53 F (12 C)
San Sebastian 62 F (17 C) 49 F (9 C)

Does Barcelona get snow?

General weather conditions in the city

It is estimated that there are around 50 days with rain per year in Barcelona, and most of those are in November, December, March and April. Snow is very rare in Barcelona. Even if it snows, it usually is in the hilly area around the city, away from the coast.

Is Barcelona hot in February?

What’s the weather like in Barcelona in February? Barcelona weather in February is quite cold with a mixture of warmer, sunny days spread throughout the month.

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