Is it always warm in Barcelona?

Is Barcelona always warm?

The main climate data of Barcelona

It is warm, quite hot in summer, and dry. The average summer temperatures are around 28 ° C. The hottest months are July and August.

Is Barcelona cold in the winter?

Winter. Winters in Barcelona are mild. January and February are the coldest months, with average temperatures around 15 °C (59 °F) during the day and 9 °C (48 °F) at night.

Is Barcelona sunny all year round?

In Barcelona it’s sunny practically all year around. There is little difference between maximum and minimum temperatures and all seasons are ideal to enjoy a walk by the beach, eat in restaurant terraces and enjoy any kind of outdoor activities.

Does Barcelona have seasons?

This means that autumn, spring and winter can be wet, although temperatures stay fairly mild. The summers are hot and dry. There can be several days a year of extremely cold or hot temperatures; heat is concentrated in July and August, cold weather in late December and through January and February.

How many days a year is it sunny in Barcelona?

You can jump to a separate table for each section of the country: East, Northeast, Northwest, Central, Balearic Islands and South of Spain. The annual totals are averages of weather data collected from 1971 to 2000.

Eastern Spain.

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Hours Place Clear Days
2524 Barcelona 73
2689 Castellón 75
2290 Girona 94
2685 Lleida 91

Is Barcelona always humid?

Barcelona has some high humidity months, with other comfortably humid months. The least humid month is February (58% relative humidity), and the most humid month is October (65.5%). Wind in Barcelona is usually moderate.

Does Barcelona get snow?

General weather conditions in the city

It is estimated that there are around 50 days with rain per year in Barcelona, and most of those are in November, December, March and April. Snow is very rare in Barcelona. Even if it snows, it usually is in the hilly area around the city, away from the coast.

Is it cold in Spain in winter?

In large parts of Spain winter months are cold and it can even snow. … Mainly the Costa Blanca is extremely popular in winter. The Canaries are also a perfect winter destination. In winter, temperatures are around 18 degrees Celsius (64°Fahrenheit) on the coast and in the Canary Islands around 23 degrees Celsius (74°F).

Is it sunny in Barcelona in winter?

The amount of sunshine in Barcelona is acceptable in winter, when there are sunny days but also periods with cloudy skies, and very good in summer, when clear skies prevail. On average, there are 2,500 hours of sunshine per year. Here are the average sunshine hours per day.

Is Barcelona sunny in December?

December is one of the coldest months of the year in Barcelona with average daily temperatures of 11°C and highs of 14°C. The lows reach 5°C at night so you will need to bring some warm clothing. Barcelona in December has on average four hours of sunshine a day.

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What are the rainiest months in Barcelona?

August is the hottest month in Barcelona with an average temperature of 23.5°C (74°F) and the coldest is January at 9.5°C (49°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 10 in July. The wettest month is October with an average of 87mm of rain.