Is Home Education Legal in Spain?

Does homeschooling exist in Spain?

The first and maybe easiest option of education in Spain that you can dismiss is homeschooling. Why? Basically, because it is illegal in Spain to home school. However, there are possibilities to do it if you can be considered a diplomat with a child.

What countries is it illegal to homeschool?

There are, conversely, a number of European countries where homeschooling is illegal. The Netherlands, Germany, and Spain number amongst these countries, and Sweden’s regulation of homeschooling is so stringent it is perceived as a de facto ban.

Is unschooling legal in Spain?

Homeschooling was declared illegal in Spain in December 2010, mainly because there is no language in the Spanish constitution that permits it.

Why is homeschooling illegal in Europe?

Homeschooling is illegal in some countries for many different reasons. … People believe that homeschooling is not a good enough education and that every student should have an equal education like in public or private school. Many countries in Europe and even all around the world make it very difficult to homeschool.

How is the education system in Spain?

The Spanish education system is compulsory and free for all children aged between 6 and 16 years and is supported by the national government together with the governments of each of the country’s 17 autonomous communities. In Spain, primary school and secondary school are considered basic (obligatory) education.

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Is homeschooling banned in Germany?

Germany, on the other hand, banned homeschooling in 1919 and hasn’t allowed it since. … Hans Brügelmann, a former education professor at the University of Siegen, says there were two main reasons why officials didn’t want parents educating their children at home.

Is homeschooling illegal in UK?

The law in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland states that children of compulsory school age (from 5 to 16 years old) must receive efficient full-time education suitable to their age, ability, aptitude, and any special educational needs that they have. … As a result, it is legal to homeschool your child.

Is homeschooling illegal in Sweden?

Legal Status

Homeschooling has no tradition in Sweden, and is almost non-existent. The new school law explicitly states that it is not allowed except in extraordinary circumstances. … This has led to Swedish home educators fleeing Sweden to other nearby countries where home education is permitted.

Can you homeschool in Barcelona?

Since 2002, the official line has been that each region must regulate homeschooling in its own way. For Catalunya, this means that families who are part of the association Educar En Familia are allowed to educate at home.

Do schools in Spain have siestas?

The school day in most primary schools in Spain is from 09:00-12:00 and 15:00-17:00. There is a two-and-a-half to three-hour break in the middle of the day for lunch and a siesta. Many children go home for the breaks, though children of working parents may stay and have lunch (the comidor) if this is available.

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