How many times Real Madrid won Copa del Rey?

Who has most wins in El Clasico?

El Clásico

Most wins Competitive matches: Real Madrid (99) Exhibition matches: Barcelona (19) Total matches: Barcelona (115)
Most player appearances Lionel Messi Sergio Ramos (45 each)
Top scorer Lionel Messi (26)
Largest victory Real Madrid 11–1 Barcelona Copa del Rey (19 June 1943)

How many times did Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey?

Copa del Rey: list of soccer teams that won the title in Spain 1902-2021. FC Barcelona has won more Copa del Rey championships than any other team, beating rival Real Madrid by 11 wins. Athletic Club de Bilbao also carries more titles than Madrid, with 23 victories.

Who won the Copa del Rey 2015?

Who won more Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Total wins for FC Barcelona: 96. Total wins for Real Madrid: 99. Draws: 52.

Who won La Liga most?

Which team has beaten Barcelona the most?

Top 6 Biggest Barcelona Losses

  • AC Milan 4-0 Barcelona (1994, European Final) …
  • Sevilla 11-1 Barcelona (1940 La Liga) …
  • Real Madrid 8-2 Barcelona (1935 La Liga) …
  • Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona (1943, Copa del Rey semi-final) …
  • Bayern Munich 8-2 Barcelona (2020 Champions League Quarter-Final)

How many times has Real Madrid beaten Barcelona?

How many times has Barcelona beat Real Madrid? A – Barcelona has beaten Real Madrid 115 times out of the 278 games played so far.

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