How do you spell lesson in Spanish?

How do u spell the lesson in Spanish?

Reverse translation for lesson

  1. clase – class, sort, kind, type.
  2. curso – course, direction, school year, course, subject (in school)
  3. lección – lesson.

How do you say to take lessons in Spanish?

take lessons v expr. tomar lecciones loc verb. I took lessons for six months before I took my driving test. ir a clase de loc verb.

What is a Spanish TA?

TA (on Spanish Messaging Apps)

TA means “esta.” (“Esta” means “is” in English.)

What is the plural of lesson in Spanish?

lesson plural. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ lesson. la lección. plural.

Is Leccion masculine or feminine?

Feminine, words ending in “a, dad, ción”, for example “la casa, la ciudad, la lección” are generally feminine.

How do you say different subjects in Spanish?

How to pronounce school subjects in Spanish

  1. Biología – Biology.
  2. Química – Chemistry.
  3. Ciencia – Science.
  4. Física – Physics.
  5. Arte – Art.
  6. Deporte / Educación Física – Sport / Physical Education.
  7. Historia – History.
  8. Matemáticas – Mathematics.

How do you say exercise in Spanish?

Spanish translation of ‘exercise’

  1. ( physical) (also Education) ejercicio m. to do (physical) exercises hacer gimnasia. to take exercise hacer ejercicio.
  2. (= carrying out) ejercicio m. in the exercise of my duties en el ejercicio de mi cargo.
  3. ( Military) (= manoeuvres) maniobras fpl.
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What is the meaning of the phrase it is what it is?

It is what it is is an expression used to characterize a frustrating or challenging situation that a person believes cannot be changed and must just be accepted.