How do you say progress notes in Spanish?

What is the word notes in Spanish?

Spanish Translation. notas. More Spanish words for note. la nota noun.

What do progress notes mean?

Taber’s medical dictionary defines a Progress Note as “An ongoing record of a patient’s illness and treatment. Physicians, nurses, consultants, and therapists record their notes concerning the progress or lack of progress made by the patient between the time of the previous note and the most recent note.”

How do you say music notes in Spanish?

musical note

  1. musical note, the ~ (tonenote) cadencia, la ~ (f) Noun. tono, el ~ (m) Noun. entonación, la ~ (f) Noun. nota musical, la ~ (f) Noun.
  2. musical note, the ~ nota musical, la ~ (f) Noun.

Do note English?

In some languages, such as the Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian), notes are named Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si (or Ti) instead of C, D, E, F, G, A, B. This notation is called solfege in the United States. These notes are the focus for a song in The Sound of Music.

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