How do I contact the police in Spain from UK?

How do I dial 999 in Spain?

If you are in Spain, or any other European country, the number to remember is 112. Repeat with us, “in an emergency, dial 112”, and forget what you may have heard about that other three digit number. The 9th of September, is recognised as 999 day in the UK, which is why we thought it appropriate to mention.

How do you call the police in Barcelona?

Phone numbers and addresses for use in an emergency

  1. Police, ambulance, fire brigade: 112.
  2. Police: 091.
  3. Local Police: 092.
  4. Fire brigade: 080.
  5. Accident / Ambulance: 061.

Can you call 112 without service?

You can always reach 112, even without prepaid credit or a valid SIM card. 112 calls are given priority over regular calls. If the call is disconnected the operator will call you back with the help of caller ID.

How do I contact the police in Spain?

For all urgent care and emergencies in Spain, such as the need for an ambulance, police attention, or the fire brigade, dial 112. To report an assault or crime to the police, dial 902 102 112. For motor vehicle accidents, traffic reports, or weather related emergencies, dial 011.

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How do you call the police in Spanish?

If you have a key emergency and require the police, fire brigade, or an ambulance then the number to call, no matter where you are in Spain, is 112.

What is denouncing in Spain?

[dɪˈnaʊns ] transitive verb. (= accuse publicly) censurar ⧫ denunciar. (to police etc) denunciar.

Is ambulance free in Spain?

For those that are chronically ill or in need of constant transport, ambulances are about €10 a month. Otherwise, emergency transport should be covered by the public system at no extra charge.

Do Spanish emergency services speak English?

Don’t doubt yourself for a second: call 112 for whatever type of emergency. The operators can speak English as well as Spanish, so if can’t speak Spanish but you have at least a basic level of the English language despite it not being your first language: call 112.

How do I report a crime in Barcelona?

If you think you are a victim or a witness of a crime

Report immediately Mossos d’Esquadra or call 112 (free call). You also have the option to go to any police station.

How do I report someone in Spain?

You can report a crime on the phone, simply by calling your local police station. You can find the number of the nearest police station here. Be aware that, if you don’t speak Spanish, you should call the English-speaking number created specifically for tourists, which is 902 102112. In Person.

What emergency number is 112?

112 is the European emergency number, available free of charge, 24/7, anywhere in the European Union. Citizens can dial 112 to reach the emergency services, including the police, emergency medical services and the fire brigade.

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