How did Portugal and Spain acquire their overseas empires?

How did Spain come to control Portugal’s overseas empire in Africa Brazil and India?

Hoping to salvage Portugal’s Atlantic holdings, King João II began negotiations with Spain. The resulting Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 drew a north-to-south line through South America; Spain gained territory west of the line, while Portugal retained the lands east of the line, including the east coast of Brazil.

How did Spain and Portugal solve their differences?

Spain and Portugal solved their differences over claims to new lands by signing the Treaty of Tordesillas. … Portugal won the right to control the eastern parts—including Africa, India, and other parts of Asia. Spain got the western parts—including most of the Americas.

How did European powers acquire colonies in the Americas and how were the governed?

How did Europeans acquire colonies in the Americas, and how were they governed? In the most simplified sense, the Europeans acquired most colonies through means of force and violence. Taking the Spanish conquistadors for example, they overtook the Inca and Aztec Empires though force, massacring.

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How did the success of Portugal Exploration affect Spain?

The success of Portugal’s exploration of Africa affected Spain because they found a route around Africa so their ships could continue east and Spain was not a part of this no more. … How did the resources such as gold and salt help lead to the development to great kingdoms in west Africa?

How did Portugal and Spain acquire their empires in the Americas?

How did Portugal and Spain acquire their overseas empires, and how did their empires differ? The Portuguese came to Africa and sold slaves. … Spain sent Christopher Columbus off to explore. When we thought he was in India, he discovered an entire new nation- the Americas.

How did Spain and Portugal resolve the Moluccas Sovereignty?

The Moluccas dispute was finally resolved by the Treaty of Saragossa (April 22, 1529), signed by John III of Portugal and Charles V. It provided for the determination of a demarcation line passing 297.5 leagues east of the Moluccas, which were recognized as being Portuguese.

How did the Portuguese try to control their trade networks summarize their efforts What resource did they specifically intend to control?

They used force and diplomacy to establish coastal trading posts, which they turned into a trading empire. How did the Portuguese control the spice trade? They did it by using their sea power to set up colonies, setting up the Dutch East India Company, and establishing permanent ties with locals.

How did European nations first gain the land they colonized in North America?

The invasion of the North American continent and its peoples began with the Spanish in 1565 at St. Augustine, Florida, then British in 1587 when the Plymouth Company established a settlement that they dubbed Roanoke in present-day Virginia.

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Why European powers sought to establish colonies in the Americas in the period from 1492 to 1607?

Spain colonized America because they were searching for gold and silver. … France colonized North America because of the great amount of furs they found there. The French traded with the Indians for furs that they then took back and sold in Europe because people were willing to pay a lot of money for furs in Europe.

In what ways did European states exploit their colonies?

The Europeans exploited their colonies by forcing unpaid labor, spreading stavartion and disease, and local industries were suppressed or discouraged.