How cold does it get in Galicia Spain?

What is the average temperature in Galicia Spain?

The yearly average temperature is 14 degrees °Celsius (57°Fahrenheit). Temperatures in summer months (July – Septmeber) are on average 22 degrees Celsius (72 °Fahrenheit). Rains can be frequent in autumn and spring.

What is the coldest it gets in Spain?

Spain registered its coldest temperature on record Wednesday, with a meteorological station in the Catalan Pyrenees registering a frigid -34.1 degrees Celsius (-29.3 Fahrenheit). The last time Spain broke its record for cold weather was Feb. 2, 1956, when thermometers in the same mountain range dropped to -32.

How cold does it get in Galicia?

The average temperature in Galicia is between an average of 7 degrees Celsius in January and 18 degrees in August. For the temperature goes: how closer to the coast, the more moderate the temperature.

Is Galicia dry?

Located along the Atlantic coast, Galicia has a very wet climate with average rainfall of more than 50 inches (1,300 mm) a year. The more than 2000 hours of sunshine that the region receives helps contribute to the high humidity of the area.

Is Galicia Spain safe?

Galicia is in general a safe place to visit. Observe the usual caution in larger towns and cities. Of all larger cities, Lugo, Pontevedra and Santiago de Compostela – are probably the safest.

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Does it snow in A Coruna?

When can you find snow in A Coruña? Weather stations report very large amounts of snow likely to be deepest around April, especially close to early to mid April.