How can I watch BBC TV in Spain?

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Is BBC available in Spain?

You probably know that you can’t normally watch BBC iPlayer in Spain over the internet. Many English speaking people discover this fact very quickly after arriving in Spain. In fact it’s the same with all the major UK TV streaming services none of them work abroad.

How can I watch British TV in Spain?

TVMucho is the best way to watch your favourite UK TV in Spain!

How can I watch BBC TV from outside UK?

Want to watch an on-demand programme while you’re travelling? If you download a programme on BBC iPlayer when you’re in the UK, you can watch it anywhere in the world. You can download programmes on your computer, or on your mobile or tablet using the BBC iPlayer app.

How can I watch BBC TV abroad?

8 Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer that still work in 2021

  1. NordVPN Best option for accessing BBC iPlayer from anywhere. …
  2. Surfshark Our top budget pick. …
  3. CyberGhost Works well with BBC iPlayer and other streaming services. …
  4. PrivateVPN Good up-and-coming VPN that works well with BBC iPlayer and other streaming services.
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How do I get BBC iPlayer in Spain?

How to get BBC iPlayer abroad

  1. You’ll need a subscription to a VPN We’d recommend NordVPN or Surfshark but you can find our whole top ten in our round-up of the best VPNs.
  2. Download your VPN app of choice on your Mac, iPhone or iPad.
  3. Log in.
  4. Choose a server based in the UK.
  5. Browse to BBC iPlayer and log in.

What streaming services are available in Spain?

The main streaming platforms in Spain and their prices

There are also services that have grown a lot in recent years, such as Movistar + Lite, Rakuten TV and fuboTV Spain.

Does Britbox work in Spain?

So the details – Britbox is currently only available in the UK, Canada and the USA.

How can I watch British TV abroad for free?

How to watch UK TV abroad with a VPN

  1. Choose a VPN provider which can unblock UK TV from abroad, we particularly recommend NordVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app onto your device from the provider’s website or your official app store.
  3. Run the app and select a VPN server in the UK.

What English TV channels are available in Spain?

Channels include the following:

  • BBC One.
  • BBC Two.
  • BBC Four.
  • ITV.
  • ITV2.
  • ITV3.
  • ITV4.
  • Channel 4.

How do I make a BBC iPlayer account outside the UK?

How to Create BBC iPlayer Account outside UK?

  1. Head over to the BBC iPlayer registration page.
  2. Enter your date of birth and click ‘Next’.
  3. Now, enter your email address and your desired password. …
  4. For ‘country,’ choose the United Kingdom.
  5. For ‘Postcode,’ enter WC1X 0AA.
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Is it illegal to watch BBC iPlayer abroad?

No. BBC iPlayer is funded by the UK TV licence and its use is restricted to UK residents only. While you can’t watch TV programmes, here’s a list of services you can use if you live outside the UK: BBC Sounds.

What VPN works with BBC iPlayer?

The best BBC iPlayer VPN in 2021:

  1. ExpressVPN. The best overall VPN of them all. …
  2. NordVPN. Popular VPN with bonus security features. …
  3. Surfshark. Cheap and fully featured VPN making waves. …
  4. Private Internet Access. VPN with one of the biggest server networks. …
  5. Hotspot Shield. One of the fastest services out there.