How are the Gypsies treated in Spain?

Why were Gypsies persecuted in Spain?

They settled in Spain about 500 years ago, but were persecuted for centuries as Catholic rulers tried to assimilate or expel minorities.

What percentage of Spain is Gypsy?

“Spain’s Gypsy society has changed a lot. But society in general hasn’t found that out yet.” Although there is no official census of Spanish Roma people, the latest study by FSG, conducted in 2011, talks about around 750,000 individuals, of whom nearly half (48.8 percent) are under 25.

What do Gypsies do?

Legal occupations common for gypsies are fortune telling, farm labor, metalworking, entertainment, and horse trading. Gypsies will attempt to gain as much as they can for their goods and services, without regard to any principles of fair pricing.

What is a Hitana?

: a Spanish gypsy girl or woman.

Is Gypsy a Basque?

The people identify themselves as ijitoak, Basque for “gypsies”, but more specifically as Erromintxela, in contrast to the Caló Romani, whom they refer to as the xango-gorriak, Basque for “red-legs”.

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