Frequent question: How far is the flight from Madrid to Paris?

How many hours is Spain to Paris?

Distance from Barcelona to Paris is approximately 860 kilometers.

Flights from Barcelona to Paris • Airlines & Flight Duration.

Airline & Journey Duration
Air Europa BCN ➝ CDG 1 hr 55 mins
Formosa Airlines BCN ➝ CDG 2 hrs

How far is Paris from Spain by plane?

The shortest distance (air line) between Paris and Spain is 686.92 mi (1,105.49 km).

How many hours is Spain from France by plane?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Spain and France is 804 km= 500 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Spain to France, It takes 0.89 hours to arrive.

Is there a high speed train from Madrid to Paris?

There is one primary train company that offers journeys from Madrid to Paris, which is known as Renfe, a Spanish high-speed rail service that is known for being one of the biggest transport providers in the country.

Is Spain close to Paris?

The distance between Paris and Spain is 1204 km. The road distance is 1265.6 km.

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How far is France from Spain by train?

The distance between Spain and France is 976 km. The road distance is 1266 km. How do I travel from Spain to France without a car? The best way to get from Spain to France without a car is to train via Barcelona which takes 11h 18m and costs €140 – €250.

How far is Paris to Barcelona by plane?

Flight distance from Paris to Barcelona (Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – Barcelona–El Prat Airport) is 533 miles / 858 kilometers / 463 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Can you take a train from France to Spain?

No, there is no direct train from France to Spain. However, there are services departing from Hôtel de Ville and arriving at Sol via Paris Gare De Lyon, Barcelona-Sants and Atocha. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 11h 25m.

How far is Spain by plane?

An average nonstop flight from the United States to Spain takes 11h 42m, covering a distance of 4665 miles.

Where is Spain from France?

It separates the two countries from Hendaye and Irun in the west, running through the Pyrenees to Cerbère and Portbou on the Mediterranean Sea.

France–Spain border
The border, as seen on the map
Entities France Spain
Length 623 km

How long is it from Madrid to France?

Flight time from Madrid to Paris is 1 hour 55 minutes

Distance from Madrid to Paris is approximately 1060 kilometers.