Frequent question: Do you need to know Spanish in Dominican Republic?

Can you get by with English in Dominican Republic?

In general, English is not very widely spoken in the Dominican Republic overall, though it is more common in the popular tourist areas. Spanish is the official language there, and it will certainly help for any tourists visiting there to have some basic Spanish language skills to help get by.

Is Dominican Republic a good place to learn Spanish?

A few weeks or months in the tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic can be the perfect getaway for Spanish language learning, especially during the chilly winter months! With a diverse array of locales to choose from you’re bound to find your personal oasis in the D.R..

Do you need to know Spanish in Dominican Republic?

That’s why we say the Dominican Republic “Has it all.” I hardly speak any Spanish. … You won’t have any problems communicating in the DR. Dominicans are very friendly and even if they do not speak your language, they will help you find someone who can or find a way to communicate.

How much are Spanish classes in Dominican Republic?

Language schools charge by either the week or the class, depending on what kind of course you’re enrolled in. Intensive group courses start at around $130 per week, with prices increasing as classes get smaller and more personalized, to about $400 a week for one-on-one sessions.

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