Do I need to register as autonomo in Spain?

Do I have to be autonomo in Spain?

The rules in Spain regarding autonomo status are strict. Regardless of whether your earnings are casual and small-scale – such as selling on eBay, selling at craft markets, running a Tupperware party, selling makeup, or if you do occasional after-dinner speaking – you do have to register.

How do I become a contractor in Spain?

Before starting any activity in Spain, you must deliver a residence permit and work permit, which will allow you to stay and work in the country. Spain has a designated self-employment permit that allows you to live and work as a freelancer or self-employed person.

How much does it cost to be autonomo in Spain?

Autonomo system (approx. 100 Euros and a further approx. 50 Euros per month depending on what your gestor has to do for you) and you´ll have to file tax returns, either monthly, trimestral or annual. You´ll have to register with Hacienda (form 036 or 037) and make IVA declarations.

How do I register as a sole trader in Spain?

Every foreign citizen who wants to become a sole trader in Spain needs to obtain NIE (Numero de Identification de Extranjeros) – an identification number for foreigners. The persons who are not citizens of the European Union are required to obtain a self-employment work permit and a residence visa.

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Do I need to register as Autonomo?

In order to join the autonomo social security system (RETA), you will need to be registered in the social security system already, but this registration process is also straightforward.

How do I stop being an Autonomo in Spain?

A Step-By-Step Guide to Stop Being Self Employed

  1. Your first step should be to inform the hacienda of your plans. …
  2. To deregister from the Hacienda, you should go to their website and look for the Modelo 037 form. …
  3. Once you have deregistered from the Hacienda you need to deregister from the social security system.

What do I need to become Autonomo in Spain?

How to set up as an autónomo in Spain

  1. Obtain a foreigner’s entity number (NIE) NIE stands for Número de Identificación de Extranjero. …
  2. Register as an autónomo with the Spanish Tax Authority. …
  3. Open a Spanish bank account. …
  4. Register with social security authority.

How do I register as self-employed in Spain?

Let’s review each of the 5 steps you will have to go through as an expat in order to register yourself as a self-employed individual:

  1. Get your work permit. …
  2. Obtain your NIE number. …
  3. Tax registration: the IAE. …
  4. Registering on the social security. …
  5. Daily operations and tax returns.

How much is self-employed tax in Spain?

Tax for self-employed sole traders and freelancers in Spain

As such it varies between 19–47%, according to income earned.

How much is Spanish Social Security?

The overall rate for social security in Spain is high; it sits at around 38%. However, for most people, the employer pays the majority of the cost. The overall rate for social security in Spain is high, with contributions set at 28.3%. For most people, the employer pays the majority of the cost.

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How do I get a Social Security number in Spain?

Where can I get a Spanish social security number? You can go to any social security office called Tesorería de la Seguridad Social (Treasury of Social Security) in your area, get a number and wait for your turn to hand them your documents. Usually an appointment is not needed.