Best answer: Is The Spanish Princess related to the White Queen?

Did Harry sleep with Catherine’s sister?

Before they’re wed, Catherine confronts Harry with the report that he slept with her sister, Juana (Alba Galocha). Harry says this is preposterous (even though the show strongly suggested Juana seduced him), and then he turns the tables on Catherine.

What comes after Spanish princess?

While speaking at a junket, The Spanish Princess’s creators teased their next project with a single word: “Empress.” After three seasons following English history like the War of the Roses, it appears Graham and Frost are giving their attention to another country and era.

Who is The White Queen daughter in Ever After High?

Apple White (voiced by Jonquil Goode) – The daughter of Snow White. She has light blond hair, light skin, and light blue eyes. She is described as a “motivated, smart, and natural-born leader” and aspires to be a Royal, following in the footsteps of her mother. She is roommates with Raven Queen.

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