Are Spanish tiles durable?

Are Spanish tiles good quality?

But Spanish tiles are famous worldwide for the quality and grade of tiles. Spanish tiles are renowned for their beautiful, long lasting and varieties of design. They have produced expressive color combination with great quality product which carries Islamic and Arabic culture and tradition in 8th century.

Is Spanish porcelain tile good?

Spanish porcelain tile manufacturers take great pride in their craftsmanship. They combine Old World knowledge dating back centuries with contemporary applications of science and engineering. Their products are among the most beautiful you can find.

How long should a tile last?

Whether you have a clay tile or concrete tile roof, you can expect the tiles to last an average of forty to fifty years. In some cases, the tiles could last nearly double that, but it requires perfect conditions and care – and inevitable repairs along the way.

Is Italian tile better?

Italian tiles are one of the most fireproof materials you can choose for your house. In case of any accident, the tiles will help in containing a fire by not letting the flames spread any further. This makes for a powerful reason why Italian tiles are considered the best in the world.

Are Turkish tiles good quality?

Turkish tiles are usually less expensive than Italian tiles while retaining a very high quality as Turkey has a very strict code of standards adhered to when producing porcelain tiles. … They are a high quality tile with very fine cut to produce sharp corners and straight sides with no rough edges or chips.

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What is Spanish porcelain?

Spanish porcelain figurines are revered for their brilliance, beauty and collectability worldwide. … Whether painted or tinted to add colour and depth of detail, or simply a classic collection of white porcelain figurines, their fine visual aesthetic makes them a complementary accent to any room.

What is the difference between Spanish and Italian tiles?

Porcelain from Spain or Italy? There is no difference between one or the other. The technology used by both is the same, usually Italian machinery. The difference between factories are in design and customer service.

Are Brazilian porcelain tiles good quality?

Brazil: The designs from Brazil are always different and fresh and we have some great unique Brazilian options. The manufacturer that many of our Brazilian tiles come from is the country’s largest and they make some fantastic mid-range tiles. … The designs are clean and simple and the quality is second to none.